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After spending freely for years, I realized that I didn't have enough money to feed my family. I was devastated, and I didn't know what to do. Instead of writing off the problem as something that would go away on its own, I decided to take action. I met with a bankruptcy attorney to understand the process, and I was amazed at how kind, caring, and responsible he seemed. He walked me through what would happen, including how to decide between all of the types of bankruptcy out there. This blog is all about helping you to decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for you.


Loan Agreements: How To Modify Them When You’re In A Pickle

18 September 2015
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With the amount of debt that is circling the United States, it is no wonder that many households are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with their loan payments. If you've found yourself in a pickle and can't afford your loans, you may want to consider requesting a loan modification. There are many loan modification programs available to help those in need, such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), which was designed to help eligible homeowners lower their monthly mortgage payment to just over 30 percent of their monthly income before taxes. Read More …

How Can You Stop Wage Garnishments?

9 September 2015
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In times of financial difficulty, because of issues such as a significant cut in pay or a burdensome accumulation of debt, you may find yourself unable to pay your bills. While your creditors may be patient for a short time, you must take action before your creditors start collection proceedings. There are different options that you can pursue if you can't pay your debts. This option you choose will depend how far behind you are on your payments. Read More …

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What Debts Can You Discharge?

8 September 2015
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Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a common type of personal bankruptcy since it allows you to discharge many of your debts. They will no longer be your responsibility, and you won't have any more hassling phone calls from your creditors. However, not all debts you have can be discharged. Here are some common debts you will be able to get rid of if you file for chapter 7. Bills That Are in Collections Read More …

Can Your Car Be Repossessed When You File Bankruptcy?

4 September 2015
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Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. One of the key parts of that decision is figuring out what is going to happen to your most important possessions that you need every day. If you are behind on your car payments, you may be worried about the lender repossessing your car. How this will proceed depends on what type of bankruptcy you have filed. However, no matter which of the two you file, an automatic stay is put into place. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Tax Returns And Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

4 September 2015
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If you are planning on filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will need to turn in a variety of different documents in order for your case to get approved. Among those documents is your tax returns, and this will not be the only time you must submit copies of them. Here are three things you should know about your tax returns if you are planning on filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing Relies On It Read More …