Deciding Between Bankruptcy Types

Bouncing Back After The Loss Of An Income

It can be tough to focus on finances and recover following a job loss, or other devastating financial situation. If you are in a tough spot due to having recently lost an income, there are some prudent measures that you should take to get back on track. Consider the following advice to bounce back after […]

Is A Probate Attorney Still Necessary If There’s A Living Trust?

Many people hear that a living trust can make it so there’s no need for a probate attorney after their death. While a living trust can eliminate many inconsistencies and problems that can occur with a will, there’s no guarantee that you won’t still need a probate attorney. Here’s a few points to consider. Why […]

Are You Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits? Avoid Making These Mistakes

The approval process for Social Security disability benefits shouldn’t be difficult. However, for many people, the process is complicated and long. In 2014, around 68 percent of the applications for Social Security disability benefits were denied. Unfortunately, this means the odds are stacked against you. So how do you put the odds back in your […]

Answering Two Bankruptcy Questions You May Be Wondering About

Financial problems can be a source of immense stress and uncertainty for you and your family. However, it is an unfortunate fact that many people are uninformed about the types of protection offered through bankruptcy, which can make it difficult for them to decide if this is a viable option for their needs. Once you […]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Trust

Are you reviewing your estate planning needs? Do you already have a will? Even if you have a will, there are several reasons why you may need other estate planning documents, including a trust. A trust is a special estate planning document that gives specific instructions on how your assets should be passed along to […]

3 Resources A Pro Se Bankruptcy Filer Can Use

If you are considering filing bankruptcy as a pro se filer, there are some great resources available which will be discussed here. You will find these quite helpful in your endeavor. 1. You can find bankruptcy forms for free online. You don’t need to buy legal forms or a legal form book because the fillable […]

Loan Agreements: How To Modify Them When You’re In A Pickle

With the amount of debt that is circling the United States, it is no wonder that many households are finding it more and more difficult to keep up with their loan payments. If you’ve found yourself in a pickle and can’t afford your loans, you may want to consider requesting a loan modification. There are […]

How Can You Stop Wage Garnishments?

In times of financial difficulty, because of issues such as a significant cut in pay or a burdensome accumulation of debt, you may find yourself unable to pay your bills. While your creditors may be patient for a short time, you must take action before your creditors start collection proceedings. There are different options that […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What Debts Can You Discharge?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a common type of personal bankruptcy since it allows you to discharge many of your debts. They will no longer be your responsibility, and you won’t have any more hassling phone calls from your creditors. However, not all debts you have can be discharged. Here are some common debts you will […]

Can Your Car Be Repossessed When You File Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. One of the key parts of that decision is figuring out what is going to happen to your most important possessions that you need every day. If you are behind on your car payments, you may be worried about the lender repossessing your car. How this will […]