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Deciding Between Bankruptcy Types

After spending freely for years, I realized that I didn't have enough money to feed my family. I was devastated, and I didn't know what to do. Instead of writing off the problem as something that would go away on its own, I decided to take action. I met with a bankruptcy attorney to understand the process, and I was amazed at how kind, caring, and responsible he seemed. He walked me through what would happen, including how to decide between all of the types of bankruptcy out there. This blog is all about helping you to decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for you.


Drowning In Debt? Why You Should File For Bankruptcy

24 May 2019
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Having a lot of debt can be one of the most restricting experiences in life. It hurts to know that you're unable to enjoy things like vacation or even giving a loved one a gift because you are swamped in a sea of bills. The situation doesn't always come from irresponsibility because a single illness could leave you with so many medical bills that you don't know how you're going to make it through. Read More …

Bankruptcy Before, During, Or After Your Divorce

1 March 2019
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Money problems can be a big reason for a couple to get a divorce. When you are getting a divorce and you are also considering bankruptcy, the timing of the filing is going to be critical. Some couples choose to file for bankruptcy prior to filing for a divorce, making it easier to divide anything that might be left. Others decide to file during the divorce, making it hard to divide up any assets or debts because assets are hard to touch during a bankruptcy. Read More …